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Phase one


A company can be market-oriented only if it completely understands its markets and the different people who influence and decide whether to buy its products or services.

Where other consultancies skim the surface, we’re meticulous in our approach to understanding your market, customers and business. That means doing away with any assumptions and bias, immersing ourselves in your customers’ world, and – crucially – listening to their honest input.

Through research, workshops and interviews, we get deep to understand your customers and your world.

Market research | Stakeholder workshops | Customer interviews | Competitor research | Current performance analysis | Market research summary

Phase two


In any business, some customers will be more valuable than others. Some will be relatively easy to acquire but spend small, some will be harder to acquire and spend big, while others may not be worth actively pursuing. We uncover the type of businesses who fall into each category and the characteristics to look for.

Through workshops and research, we’ll define the different buying groups for each market segment and create detailed profiles of the people involved in the search, evaluation, purchase, and use of a product or service.

From here, we’ll carefully plot each stage of the customer journey to engage decision-makers, convert them into customers and optimise sales.

Market segmentation | Ideal client mapping | Targeting strategy | Positioning strategy | Campaign strategy | Content strategy | Search strategy | Marketing plan

Phase three


Next comes your proposition – identifying the real value your brand, product or solution holds for your customers.

Often, the organisations we work with have a high-value, complex service offer that’s not easy to articulate or differentiate. We dig deep to discover the biggest pains your customers want to resolve, the most important outcomes they want to gain, and the real reasons they choose you.

We uncover what sets you apart in your marketplace and find a simple, clear way to express your distinct and relevant value.

As well as resonating with your target customers, your proposition will bring a new clarity and focus to everything you do.

Buyer personas | Competitor messaging audit | USPs | Value proposition | Positioning statement | Proof points | Brand voice | Messaging framework 

Phase four

And beyond

By the time we get to this point, we’ll know exactly how to best capture your customers’ interest, pre-empt their questions, meet their needs and draw them into a dialogue.

Whether you want to generate leads or optimise conversion rates, we’ll co-create marketing that hits the mark.

Our flexible approach means we work in partnership with you to deliver the best results, in the best way. We can work with your in-house team or bring in our team of independent marketing and creative specialists. Whatever the approach, we’ll work with you to ensure that what we co-create is implemented quickly and easily.

Brand development | Website UX and copy | Product marketing | Content creation | Campaign creation | Advertising | Conversion optimisation| Sales enablement

The positioning work Co-creation Marketing supported us with was extremely helpful. Having an experienced external perspective really helped bring everything into focus.

Sean Masters, Strategic Director
Masters Allen

Co-creation deep dives to the crux of a brief and quickly gets to work to seek the information needed to create meaningful, commercially astute marketing.

Grace Tupling, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Co-creation’s work has enabled us all to focus on our future and get the right messages out there.

Peter Burbidge, Managing Director

Everything Emmeline does is from her heart’s desire to help you, whether you’re a client, colleague or friend.

David Coe, Customer Experience Officer

Co-creation think and plan from a strategic perspective and produce scalable solutions.

Stephanie Marris, Marketing Director
The Access Group

What we particularly liked about Co-Creation is the fact they’re so customer-centric. We liked how they really delve into who our customer types are, to get a fully rounded picture of our customers as individuals.

Emma Brightwell, Marketing Manager
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