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A customer-centric positioning to unify the complex credit risk proposition

With a broad range of clients, customers and markets, Experian needed help to develop coherent propositions encompassing their complex products and services. One challenge was their credit risk products were split into different business units instead of offering a unified proposition from the customer’s perspective.

About Experian

Experian is a leading global provider of financial data, consulting services and technology. They gather and interpret credit data to create opportunities for individuals, businesses and society. As part of their services, Experian helps protect against financial crime and enables access to credit whilst balancing the risk of lending.

Experian - Data, analytics and technology

Gaining deep customer understanding and insights

Each type of credit provider has specific industry needs and in those companies, the key people in credit risk-related roles have differing needs.

To understand the complexity, we interviewed a cross-section of clients and ran workshops with Experian’s internal stakeholders. After collating the insights, we developed the story for Experian’s credit risk capabilities. This involved designing positioning for each key market and buyer persona.

Telling the story to clients

After creating the proposition, we designed a clear website journey with fresh website copy to help prospects and customers understand how Experian can help. Keyword targeting led to an increase in the click-through rate, due to clear sign-posting to the subsets of credit risk products.

We went on to deliver brochures and sales collateral with the marketing team to reflect their refreshed positioning. The goal was to create a superior experience for prospects and clients.

Bringing clarity internally

To improve the internal understanding of the full breadth and depth of their consumer and business data, we also designed the Experian Data Handbook. This work flowed from the revised proposition and brand story, enabling senior leaders to fully communicate the outputs to their teams.

Experian’s Senior Marketing Manager says:

“Co-creation are an expert on our organisation and customers. They pushed me and my colleagues to try new and innovative ways of marketing to audiences. A lot of the really creative and effective activities done by our department were introduced and supported by Co-creation Marketing.”

Experian’s Product Marketing Manager comments:

“Co-creation deep dive to the crux of a brief and quickly get to work to seek the information needed to create meaningful, commercially astute marketing. I worked with Emmeline on a number of projects where a value proposition was too vague, or missing and the marketing therefore lacked substance. Emmeline helped to fix this, being great to work with along the way.”

Experian - Data, analytics and technology
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