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Facing stiff competition for its AI-based product, Jaywing needed to generate new business demand and ensure quality leads for the sales pipeline.

For almost a decade, Jaywing has used data and insight to connect brands and customers. They needed to generate new business demand for their AI-based risk-modelling software called Archtype, so approached Co-creation Marketing.

We identified that whilst Jaywing was doing marketing activity, it didn’t have a clear product proposition or product marketing plan. So, we researched and developed a multi-channel lead generation programme to feed quality leads into the pipeline.

Rebecca Warrington, Head of marketing comments:

“We had minimal budget and our audience is tricky to understand, so getting the product marketing messaging right first time was key. Co-creation Marketing helped us discover more about our customers’ pain points and our USPs. Thanks to their expert eye, our communications were even more sophisticated, encouraging warm leads down the sales funnel. Subtle changes made a huge difference!”

A key element of this was recommending a multi-stage direct email campaign for the Archetype product. By better understanding prospects, we used the following tactics:

  • Bolder language which did not shy away from promoting the service offering
  • Content and calls to action (CTAs) that appealed to all stages of the sales cycle – email 1 focussed on direct product promotion, email 2 contained peer case studies and email 3 provided education-based messaging
  • Reused and repurposed content which positioned Jaywing as thought leaders which helped set them apart from competitors
  • Short and to-the-point emails with imagery

Each email achieved up to a 24% open up to a 9% click through rate, delivering quality leads straight into the sales cycle so they could be progressed through Jaywing’s lead nurture programme.

“We will always consider Co-creation Marketing for our strategic projects as their breadth of knowledge of the industry and learnings from working with clients is fundamental. Working with them is like having a training session – you find yourself scribbling down

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