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Having refocused their business, ITHealth needed to clarify their offering, emphasise their value and differentiate from the competition.

For 25 years, ITHealth had been providing NHS organisations with IT security and access management solutions. The company worked closely with its customers to understand issues and offer the best solutions. However, their brand didn’t reflect the value they provided or differentiate them from competitors.

ITHealth’s marketing manager asked some ex-colleagues for recommendations and Co-creation were put forward alongside two other strategic marketing consultancies. Impressed with our thorough, insight-led approach, they asked us to create their value proposition and brand positioning.

Emma Brightwell, ITHealth’s Marketing Manager, comments:

What we particularly liked about Co-Creation is the fact they’re so customer-centric. We liked how they spoke about conducting interviews with various stakeholders and wanted to really delve into who our customer types are. It made sense to get a fully rounded picture of our customers as individuals so we knew how best to shape our messages.

We carried out extensive market, customer and business research to inform a clear value proposition and brand positioning platform on which to build their new brand identity and marketing communications:

  • Deepening their understanding of what customers really want
  • Allowing customers to easily understand their offering, value and differentiation
  • Improving customers’ and partners’ perceptions of their brand

Thank you again for all your hard work with us on this project. It’s been extremely valuable and the audience research is something that will continue to be useful as we move forwards as ITHealth.

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