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As they made the transition from contract manufacturer to product manufacturer, Pressac Communications needed a new way to communicate their offer and manage sales.

Pressac - Smart building sensor technologyEast Midlands-based Pressac design and manufacture smart building and connected technology for businesses and consumers worldwide. They have over 60 years’ industry expertise, and their products are found in virtually every home and workplace in the UK.

In 2014, Pressac started to evolve their business, moving away from component manufacturer and towards complete business solutions. This new business model required a new way of marketing, sales and customer management.

Peter Burbidge, Pressac’s Managing Director, says:

With connected buildings and the Internet of Things really starting to take off, we could see enormous potential for the business, but weren’t sure how to position our offer to customers. Right from the start, Emmeline impressed us with her thorough approach and her way of challenging the things we thought we knew about our target market. Co-creation’s work has enabled us all to focus on our future and get the right messages out there.

Having learnt about the business’s experiences, challenges, goals and culture, we carried out extensive market and customer research to define where the best opportunities for them were. We then used this insight to create a highly targeted marketing strategy with a clear value proposition on which to build their new marketing platform.

  • Giving Pressac clarity on their market and focus on where the best opportunities
  • Allowing customers to easily understand their offering, value and differentiation
  • Improving customers’ and partners’ perceptions of the brand

We worked with our team of co-creators to build the platform, including a new website to optimise lead generation, brochures, promotional videos, content, PR and event management.

Acting as Pressac’s marketing director, Emmeline provided strategic support, including recruiting the right marketing manager and sales manager to take the business model forward.

Clare Leek, Pressac’s Marketing Manager, comments:

Co-creation has proven that building your marketing strategy around customers’ needs is the way to get results. Our prospects used to be businesses looking to buy a few sensors. Now, they include some of the largest IoT companies in the world.

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